Easement Acquisition

We have a highly skilled team of right-of-way agents with a plethora of combined experience in the field. Our hands-on approach is reliable and ensures that the research and negotiation that we provide meets your organization’s goals efficiently.  Additionally, as we are constantly working on easement allocation and surface site procurement, we can also provide sound estimates of current damage and  easement  values  to  assist  our  client  in  their  budgeting process.

Title Procurement

Our title team specializes in the determination of surface ownership, royalty owners and legal mineral.  We do this by utilizing county records, bankruptcy filings, probate proceedings, heirship research, and civil court proceedings.  Our standard runsheet is a comprehensive abstract of our findings and is accompanied by a limited title certificate or mineral ownership report.

GIS Services

Our mapping department creates custom boundaries, point geotagging, spatial data processing and updates, as well as custom maps for every project which includes organized numbered tracts. Additionally we provide color-coded report maps which allow you to tract your right-of-way project along with our progress. Using the latest mapping and GIS database software, Arrow Land Group can provide high quality, reliable custom maps and detailed GIS data management for our clients.

Field Inspection

Should a client request that we monitor the actions of the contractor hired to construct a particular project, our on-site agents provide weekly construction reports and report any contractor violations along with status updates. In addition, we offer inspector packets that are created for the contractor. Generally these 11×17” packets include a cover page, a map using the shape files from the surveyor overlaid onto an image of all the surrounding public roads for ease of access for the contractor, a separate construction line list showing all pertinent information the contractor might need, survey plats, and alignment sheets. By allocating these to the contractors we limit mistakes and take away the unknown for every project.